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Hebrew is a Semitic language which pertains to Sons of Israel (Israelites), and is connected to Canaanite languages from the Northwest group of Afro-Asiatic language family. According to statistics of 2013, Modern Hebrew is spoken by over nine million people worldwide. Even though this language was not mentioned as “Hebrew” in Tanakh in the past, it is regarded as the national language of the Jews and their ancestors. The first written examples of Paleo-Hebrew remain from the 10th century BC.

Hebrew, the official language of Israel, is the only Canaanite language still spoken today. It is spoken by Jewish minority who live outside of Israel, and is also a well-known minority language in Poland. Hebrew consists of 22-letter Hebrew Alphabet, and is written from right to left. It is spoken in Australia, Canada, Germany, Palestine, Panama and the United Kingdom, particularly in Israel and the USA. It is spoken as a religious language by Jewish minority in various places of the world, and by a non-Jewish minority in the West Bank.

Hebrew Translation Service

Mirora has collaborated with translation agencies in Israel for many years. Thus, Mirora offers high-quality, fast and reliable translation services in Hebrew from and to all languages worldwide with competitive prices, by professional translation teams, especially by using English as a pivot language.

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