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5 Commonly Asked Questions About Medical Translation

5 Commonly Asked Questions About Medical Translation

Are you interested in learning more about the medical translation services provided by a professional translation company? Read on to find answers to questions that are frequently asked of our team.

  1. What is medical translation?

Medical translation is a type of translation that deals with documents related to medical or healthcare subjects such as medical reports, pharmaceutical documents, clinical trial materials, medical devices, hospital reports, or medical software.

Medical translators are familiar with a wide range of terminology, from disease and anatomy to medical procedures, pharmaceutical names, legal jargon, and insurance terms. Different types of medical fields require specialization in specific areas of medicine. With extensive experience in this field, professional medical translators can accurately and efficiently translate any document.

  1. How does the medical translation process work?

The process of medical translation is similar to any other type of translation. To put it simply, we first receive a request for translations from our clients. Our expert linguists then translate the documents into the requested languages. The translations are then edited by our editing team and proofread by another expert linguist before being sent back to our clients.

  1. Who performs medical translations?

Not doctors!

Professional translators who work for reputable agencies, have undergone rigorous training, and have experience working in the field of medicine should perform medical translations. These translators have access to the latest terminology databases, which enables them to translate medical documents accurately and quickly.

  1. How much does a medical translation cost? Is it less expensive or more costly than other types of translations?

Most companies say that medical translations tend to be more expensive than other types of translations because they require specific skills and expertise.

However, companies like ours charge the same rate for all types of industries – medical, technical, legal, or otherwise! The price is determined by factors such as subject matter, text length, and language pair like in any other type of translation.

  1. Why should I choose a well-known translation agency over freelance translators?

Working with a professional translation agency has many advantages over working with a freelance translator.

A professional medical translation agency has extensive experience in the industry and has built relationships with clients over many years of working together. This means that they can complete projects quickly and efficiently while maintaining high-quality standards at all times. They also have access to professional teams of linguists who have been specially trained in their field of expertise – meaning that they know exactly how to translate medical terminology correctly without confusing readers or missing important information.

Professional translation companies offer competitive rates and excellent customer service and they guarantee confidentiality with their work so your materials will remain secure at all times.

We hope to have clarified some of the common questions we are frequently asked. If you have additional questions about medical translation services, we encourage you to reach us at

5 Commonly Asked Questions About Medical Translation