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In order to fully clarify the translation memory and list of terms creation services provided by Mirora, we must primarily focus on the meaning of the concepts.

A Translation Memory is a special file format matching source and target language equivalents that can be used by computer-aided translation programs, based on sentences, paragraphs, and segments. Using these files where previous translations are stored greatly improves the quality of new projects with similar texts because the texts that have already gone through all processes and been confirmed by the customer serve as a reference. This also ensures text consistency. Since the translation of similar texts populated from memory takes place in seconds, a very significant cost and time advantage is also ensured.

A term means the name given to a word that meets a specific and certain concept with regard to a science, art, professional field or subject. Terminology, a French word, can be defined as a string of terms. The terminology creation process is usually completed before the translation process.

However, it is not an easy task at all to create and update a translation memory and list of terms. In many translations, especially medical, technical and legal translation, terms and translation memories produced by complex and reliable sources specific to the field should be used. Even if the preparation of a list of terms for use in such translations is initially perceived as an additional cost and loss of time, it actually simplifies and speeds up the translation and editing processes. It enables a complete and accurate utilization of the concepts.

Benefits of Translation Memory and List of Terms Creation

  • The memory and list of terms created improves the quality of the translation.
  • It ensures the consistency of translation in the case of high-volume translation projects.
  • It ensures that the translation is performed in accordance with the target audience’s needs and demands.
  • Inconsistencies and ambiguities throughout the text are prevented.
  • A Translation Memory and list of terms simplifies the editor’s revision.
  • Creating a Translation Memory and list of terms and using them as a reference prevent the prolongation of the translation process.
  • When reflecting the source language content to the target language content, it is very important to accurately convey the style of the company or organization offering the service or product. A Translation Memory and list of terms also make it easy to convey this style.
  • A Translation Memory and list of terms simplify the work of both the translation team and the client requesting the service.
  • Since the translation of similar texts populated from memory takes place in seconds, a very significant cost and time advantage is also ensured.

Translation Memory Creation Process 

Translation Memory Creation: If TMX-based translation memory files are available in the client’s archive, these files are reviewed and can be used in new projects if they are reliable. If not available, source texts and target texts used in previous translations are carefully aligned to create a new translation memory. Senior editors may need to be employed in this alignment process.

While creating a terminology bank, it is necessary to be well informed of the target audience and corporate identity. The requirements of the target audience are determined. In the second step, existing documents and term banks are reviewed. Then, new terms are included in these term banks. Existing terms and their equivalents are checked and then put through an approval process in collaboration with the client’s field experts. In the next stage, file formats suitable to the term bank are prepared. During the translation process, the term bank is re-examined. If there are deficiencies or insufficiencies, the list is updated again. For the correct use of terms, some checklists are created to ensure a higher quality and consistent translation.

Mirora, which was founded in August 1997 and has made a world of difference with its standardized project processes, also offers translation memory and list of terms creation services. If you would like to receive information on this subject, you may conveniently contact us via e-mail or phone.

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