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  • Mirora’s Quality Policy as set forth by our top management in line with our objectives seeks
  • To understand the expectations and needs of all “parties” defined in the Quality Manual, to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction by meeting their needs in accordance with the respective legal provisions and any other requirements, and
  • to be a company that is aware of the importance of translation and related services, keeping up to date, and constantly aiming to improve the quality of our services, and
  • To ensure that our employees assume more responsibility, to allow their personal development, and to make sure that all our staff play effective roles in our QMS, and
  • To enhance the quality of services with our suppliers, and to establish open communication channels for customer satisfaction, and
  • To actualize Mirora’s strategic targets through risk and opportunity assessments.
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What Exactly is A Quality Translation Service?

Quality translation is a popular term nowadays. Well, what is a quality translation? In the most general sense, we can say that a quality translation service is one that delivers the required interpretation or translation in accordance with the customer’s demands.


We live in a digital world. People used to make photo albums; now, memories are collected on social media platforms. In old times, friends used to go to the cinema, but now they watch series or movies simultaneously on online platforms such as Netflix and talk via the chat box.