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Quality Translation Service in a Changing World

Quality Translation Service in a Changing World

We live in a digital world. People used to make photo albums; now, memories are collected on social media platforms. In old times, friends used to go to the cinema, but now they watch series or movies simultaneously on online platforms such as Netflix and talk via the chat box. This evolution caused by digitalization is, of course, reflected in the translation sector. It is no longer necessary to knock on the doors of translation offices to receive translation services; all services are just a click away.

No one can deny that digitalization makes our lives easier. But it is undeniable that it also brings along disadvantages. For example, at the beginning of the pandemic, we followed all developments quickly, thanks to social media. In the past, we would have waited for the newspapers to be published every morning. Access to information has accelerated, but information pollution has increased considerably simultaneously. Nowadays, everyone can share information online, often without checking its accuracy. A similar process occurs in the translation industry today.

Many people now offer translation services through freelance platforms. Or many translation offices lower their costs by using machine translation tools. They provide so-called translation services. There has been so much pollution in the sector that customers no longer look for a translation service but a quality one.


Quality Translation Service – Isn’t every translation service quality?

So, what is this quality translation service? It is the service that should be provided in the first place. A quality translation means transferring between two languages by staying loyal to the source text and using a language suitable for the target audience. Meanwhile, it is about respecting accuracy, consistency, and contextuality. It is also to accept that translation is teamwork. The translation and control process forms the skeleton of a quality translation service.

Also, a good translator, like a detective, should know how to follow clues and do research. But like a poet, they must also have the flexibility to dance with words. This is not enough; they must master grammar rules as if they wrote the rules themselves. Reading and research must be their passion, should not be limited to a single field, and must have a wide range of interests. A good translator should also follow the global agenda closely. For example, nowadays, gender equality is so prominent, and a lot of effort is given to this purpose, the word “bayan” (which means lady in Turkish) should not be used to address women.

In other words, providing translation services does not only mean transferring words to the target language by looking them up in a dictionary. It doesn’t matter whether you are receiving a written translation service or an interpreting service! Focus on the quality of the service you receive, not the price.

As the Mirora team, we have competent and skilled translators. Yet we continue improving ourselves daily to be even better and provide the highest quality translation service possible.

Quality Translation Service in a Changing World