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Subtitle translation has a very important place in TV series and movies, which are the most watched visual content of the modern world. It allows a TV series or movie to reach a larger audience, to be noticed and watched by many more people. This practice, which is much faster and more economical as compared to dubbing which increases the domain of the content, is also preferred for training videos.

Most audiences prefer to watch the content in its original language. Using the power of the actor’s/actress’ voice, in the original form of the content, he/she has accents and intonations suitable for each scene. Everything is much more sincere and realistic. Audiences who do not prefer the dubbing technique believe that the actor’s/actress’ tone and sounds used on the scene can better reflect feelings of excitement, sadness, and happiness, in short, the mood.

When such reasons are listed, many people prefer the translation subtitle technique. However, translating subtitles, transcreating them into another language and editing them so that the audience can read them is a task that always requires specialization. Mirora performs high quality subtitle translations and technics.

Points to Consider in Subtitle Translation 

When translating subtitles that are part of the watching fun, many technical components should be considered. Translating visual content into another language is no ordinary routine. Therefore, knowing a language is simply not enough. It requires a mastery of both the source language of the text and the target language. There are culture-specific aphorisms and apothegms. Matching them with appropriate words is extremely important. It is so important to master the cultural codes and traditional phrases of the target language.

While preparing a subtitle translation, an aesthetic concern arises. The audience is meant to enjoy the resulting translation. The reading practices of the potential audience should be taken into account. Sentence lengths should be determined in a way that the audience can easily follow. The number of words should be carefully selected. Many grammatical rules are considered, from spelling rules to punctuation marks. Subtitles include each element that gives meaning to the text. When all these conditions are fulfilled, a subtitle translation emerges with greater watching enjoyment. To sum it up, subtitle translation is not as easy a task as thought, it requires real knowledge and high attention.

Tips for Subtitle Translation 

  • The translation should not be too long for the reader to follow. Subtitles that exceed two lines are very difficult to read.
  • The patterns used in the source text language should be translated in line with the cultural codes of the target language.
  • A style suitable for the character should be preferred.
  • Subtitles can be prepared in different formats, but must be presented for the reader to follow them easily.
  • It is one of the most challenging branches for translators. For this reason, it should be translated by highly qualified language professionals.

At Mirora, which has been offering professional solutions for its corporate customers’ translation, localization and language consultancy needs since August 1997, subtitle translation and technics are performed by senior translators.  If you would like to have information about this service, you may easily contact us via our website or phone.

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