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Game Localization

With ever-developing technology, there has been a significant increase in the number of pastimes people choose to make use of their spare time. Today, digital games, which have many followers from nearly everywhere in the world, no longer belong only to the language and culture in which they are released. Thanks to game localization, many digital games are translated into other languages and reach more people.

Through game translations known as “game translation” or “game localization” in English, digital games are completely adapted to the culture of the target language and are fueled by the history and stories of that culture. The translation of the game, which has grown in the sector and has become even more important with the increase of e-sports fans, achieves its primary purpose only when it is performed by qualified, experienced translators.

General Characteristics of Game Localization

Digital games, which came into our lives along with the production of computers and mobile devices with high power processors, also created a huge global market. Especially in the translation of text, with strategy-based games, expert language professionals were needed, and a concept of game localization emerged. One of the important reasons that expert language professionals are needed is that each digital game has a distinctive structure, a special jargon and a scenario. Each digital game contains a wide variety of dialogs, songs, literary texts, word games and humorous references to the source culture. When all these elements cannot exactly be translated into the target language, the game experience is negatively affected.

In order to avoid such negative situations, the translator who performs game localization should first be familiar with different types of text. It is extremely important that a translator who localizes games keeps up with the ever-changing game jargon. It is also vital that the expert translation team be aware of rapidly spreading trends among the players and the constantly changing and developing technology. More particularly in online games involving many players, gamer communities create their own jargon, an internet language.

It is not possible for a translator who does not have a full command of this hybrid game language to perform game localization. It is highly important to translate the expressions in a localized game to the target language with the same fervor and sincerity. Hence, a translator who translates the game needs web pages and forums that provide information on jargon via the internet, not a comprehensive dictionary. The rapidly growing game industry has generated rising demand at an equal rate. The need for game translation is ever increasing.

At Mirora, which has been offering professional solutions for its corporate customers’ translation, localization and language consultancy needs since August 1997, game localization practices are performed by senior translators. If you would like to receive information about this service, you may conveniently contact us via our website or phone.

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