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Mirora has been offering professional solutions for its corporate customers’ translation, localization and language consultancy needs since it was established in 1997. Through its twenty-three years of experience, Mirora has managed to survive and even to grow despite global and local economic hardships and all the crises experienced in the current period, and has become one of Turkey’s best translation service providers.

Mirora, which has expanded into foreign markets quickly and determinedly since 2002, opened offices in Dublin, Ireland in 2006 and Dallas, USA in 2016. Maintaining its quality policy since its foundation, Mirora is a member of world-renowned organizations that operate globally, especially Eulogia. Undoubtedly, the most important reason why Mirora is able to become a member of these organizations is its standardized project processes and quality management system.



ELIA and Mirora 

ELIA is a not-for-profit trade association of language service companies. ELIA was founded in 2005 with a mission to further their members’ business success. It is committed to delivering a wide range of outstanding benefits to language service companies. ELIA’s mission is to connect with stakeholders across the globe and support the business success of language service companies in every phase. Mirora is a member of this association of which few companies from Turkey are affiliates.

If you would like to get information about Mirora’s services and processes that have also proven its superior quality services to clients in the global arena and you would like to benefit from these services, you may easily contact us by e-mail or telephone.

Eulogia and Mirora 

Formed in 1994, Eulogia is an alliance of Translation Service Providers from across the globe, with a history of more than twenty-five years. Keeping a focus on quality, Eulogia members are hand-picked, with just one member per language allowed to join. To be selected and maintain membership, companies must be well-established, with a particular and perpetual focus on quality.

Eulogia members collaborate on a regular basis and are able to offer their clients access to a vast network of language professionals. Eulogia members, consisting of language professionals and translation service providers, meet regularly to share their experience, expertise and technology. Eulogia’s mission is to improve knowledge, experience and expertise in the language sector. Eulogia enables its members to work at the very highest levels of collaboration and best practice within the translation industry. Eulogia has nineteen separate offices across Europe. Mirora represents the Turkish language and Turkey within the organization, with just one member per language allowed to join.