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Mirora, Hand in Hand with AYDER

Since 2005, Mirora has continually supported the Alternative Life Association (AYDER) which was established to accomplish its mission on the road to “Turkey without Disability” by offering alternative solutions for the disabled and all disadvantaged groups in “Disability” situations and producing innovative and sustainable projects. It has been transformed into a platform which will reintegrate a large number of disabled and socially disadvantaged groups into the economy as both producers and consumers. While most foundations try to develop products after their establishment, AYDER has become a society to streamline the works performed since 1997 under a single roof. AYDER, founded in 2002, has implemented products such as “Diving is Freedom” and “Alternative Camp” which had an overwhelming response in 1997. AYDER has planned and implemented many innovative projects such as “Reha Istanbul Fair” in 2004, “Tourism without Disability” in 2006, and “Dreams Academy” in 2008.

When we allocated a part of our Kozyatağı office to AYDER, we never anticipated just how much the pictures painted on the walls would motivate us. We were excited and inspired by all the photographs which reflected the enthusiasm of the visually impaired mountain climbers; the smiling faces of the spinal cord paralytics or persons with Down syndrome scuba diving; and the photographs of our brothers and sisters skydiving and freed of all disabilities by flying. For several years, we have been making efforts to transform our customer/vendor satisfaction surveys into donation campaigns. We announced to our stakeholders that we would make a certain donation amount in return for each survey form filled out to evaluate us. Thus, we tried to go beyond making only material sharing with our stakeholders.

AYDER is the first non-governmental organization to sign the “Global Compact” of the United Nations.

Dreams Academy

Our dear old friend and founder of Dreams Academy,

Ercan Tutal says:

“…Do the blind dream? They do… Those who lose their dreams actually become blind!!..”

Life fades away where dreams evanesce… / Raison d’être of the human being is lost… / And life becomes a flow from dreams to reality; a dark flow for some or a radiant one for others… / Swift and inevitable.

Dreams Academy has become a permanent alternative arts and culture academy preparing young people for life. Please visit the Dreams Academy website for detailed information on their projects.