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Are you ready to meet the most experienced names in the industry? Here are its founders and managers who made Mirora Mirora!
Our Team

Cihat Salman


I hate the word “veteran”; it sounds to me like an adjective that defines a person who’s not worth a dime anymore. Yet, I cannot find any other word that defines me better! Yes, I am a translation industry “veteran” who’s been, seen or done a thing or two in his 20+ years of translation industry experience. When I and a very dear friend of mine from college set up Mirora in 1997, we were the translators, editors, proofreaders, project managers, accountants, salespeople, page designers and even office boys. In fact, translation has never been my passion, I am rather a man of “numbers”. Yet languages have always mesmerized me as I believe they have a strong, down-to-earth but mysterious relationship with math. Since I am a graduate of English Philology from Istanbul University, I believe it’ll be very appropriate to say that languages have not only amazed me, but also shaped me, transformed me into what I am today. I’m not proud of myself! I’m proud of people who’ve been with me throughout this journey, who’ve given me the pride to say “We’ve done it, folks! We’ve made Mirora a professional, reliable, resourceful translation company celebrating its 23rd anniversary.”
Our Team

Mete Özel


When we founded Mirora, we were just three people, we had two corporate customers, we had little capital other than our dreams. Now we are a big family with business partners all over the world, and we still continue to dream. I have enjoyed the projects I have done in this company as much as I love poetry and art. I have done nearly everything in the company, except translation. Mirora has been recognized as a pioneering, exemplary and diligent institution, since we leave the translation work to the professionals on our team and control the necessary processes from the start.
Our Team

Tahsin Karamahmutoğlu


I have been with Mirora for more than half of my working life which I have been in for about 35 years. Along this journey, Mirora has grown, shaped and reached its success today thanks to every single individual and their values. It is an incredible source of joy and happiness for me to have started this journey as a professional worker and become a part of it today as a partner.
Our Team

Ali Burak Salman

General Manager

I always describe the most exciting and enjoyable part of my job as “being the talent hunter of Mirora”. I like to attend meetings abroad and find qualified, enthusiastic business partners to work with Mirora and invite them to join us. In order to protect the current Mirora family and make our employees happy to be with us, I work night and day. As Michael Dell said, “A leader should never be the smartest person in the room.” If you choose the people you work with, it is not that difficult to achieve what Dell said.

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