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What Exactly is A Quality Translation Service?

What Exactly is A Quality Translation Service?

Quality translation is a popular term nowadays.

Well, what is a quality translation?

In the most general sense, we can say that a quality translation service is one that delivers the required interpretation or translation in accordance with the customer’s demands.

When we think about the description more specifically, what should we say?

As Mirora, we continually strive to provide every customer with quality translation services, and we aim to convey the content accurately.

Below are specific details about what high-quality translation requires.

Translation Requires Expertise

You can use any language actively in your social life. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can translate content in the source language to the target language successfully.

Translation is a field that requires expertise and precision.

Every language has its own jargon and emotion. So, a translator who wants to do quality translation must have command of the sentiment, idioms, and concepts in the language they want to work with.

Especially in complex fields such as medicine and law, in which different terms are frequently used, the quality of the translation can be ruined by using literal meanings of words in the text.

More than “can”, it will!

A Qualified Translator Has a Comprehensive Knowledge of Grammar Rules

Even in this technology age, where we can push the limits to reach countless sources and information quickly, the harsh truths that we encounter can be a slap in the face.

Let’s be honest.

How many of us can define an indirect object or adverbial clause regardless of our age and profession?

We are constantly assertive about learning English. However, how many of us can say that “am” is the main verb of the sentence “I am John”?

With a quality translation service, all possible grammatical deficiencies and errors can be eliminated.

A professional translator knows and accurately applies all grammar rules of the source language and target language.


Every word, structure and utterance must be translated in its own true colour and sentiment!

Is It Possible to Modify a Translation Without Breaking the Rules?

Of course!

The academic knowledge of the translator is of vital importance when doing a quality translation. But there is something else just as important: Perception of Language

In his poem, Edgar Allan Poe says:

“But we loved with a love that was more than love – I and my Annabel Lee”

And Melih Cevdet Anday translates this line as:

“Sevdalı değil karasevdalıydık – Ben ve Annabel Lee”

Look how closely he adapts the line to Turkish without breaking any grammar rules or changing any wording.

So then, we can say that quality translation is a synthesis of academic knowledge, translation skill, and perception of language.

That is, you cannot build a wall with just one stone.

Translators Never Stop Learning!

“Language is alive” we have heard it for ages!

How does language live? What is the connection between this statement and quality translation?

The language spoken by people will follow them as they develop, renew and regress.

Language can change rapidly with developments in technology, science, art, and literature.

Some words die while others are created or even recreated. Sometimes the feeling and meanings can change, too.

This is why a professional translator should follow the innovations of the times, and read more and more!

What Exactly is A Quality Translation Service?

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