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Bulgarian belongs to the South Slavic languages of the Indo-European language family. Bulgarian is spoken by approximately 12 million people. Bulgarian is the official language of Bulgaria.

Written form of Bulgarian began to form in the nineteenth century. Greek alphabet was the inspiration while letters of this language were prepared by using Cyrillic alphabet. Bulgarian, which has three phases as old, middle and modern, is the first Slavic language to be written.

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Bulgarian Alphabet

А а /a/ Б б /b/ В в /v/ Г г /g/ Д д /d/ Е е /ɛ/ Ж ж /ʒ/ З з /z/ И и /i/ Й й /j/ К к /k/ Л л /l/ М м /m/ Н н /n/ О о /ɔ/ П п /p/ Р р /r/ С с /s/ Т т /t/ У у /u/ Ф ф /f/ Х х /x/ Ц ц /ʦ/ Ч ч /tʃ/ Ш ш /ʃ/ Щ щ /ʃt/ Ъ ъ /ɤ/, /ə/ Ь ь /ʲ/ Ю ю /ju/ Я я /ja/