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Albanian is an agglutinative and inflective language within the Indo-European language family. After the Goths destroyed Rome in the 5th century, the Slavic invasion took place in the Illyrian region, and Albanian began to converge with the Slavic languages. At that time, due to the impacts of the Byzantine Empire that lasted over 1000 years, and 432 years rule by the Ottoman Empire, new words from Greek, Turkish and Arabic entered the Albanian language. However, the most influential language is Latin, because Venice ruled the country throughout the Middle Ages.

The phonetic structure of this language is a mixture of Italian, German, French, Russian, and Greek. In today’s modern Albanian, the number of Latin words is increasing every day. However, Arabic and Turkish words that are intertwined with Albanian during the Ottoman period are purified from Albanian’s modern version in the field of education due to the education policy throughout the country.

In what areas is Albanian widespread and considered a minority language?

Albanian, the official language in Albania, is also recognized as an official language in Northern Macedonia and Kosovo. It is estimated that more than 7,500,000 people worldwide speak Albanian. The countries where Albanian is considered a minority language are Serbia, Montenegro, Italy, and Bulgaria..

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Albanian Alphabet.

A a, B b, C c, Ç ç, D d, Dh dh, E e, Ë ë, F f, G g, Gj gj, H h, I i, J j, K k, L l, Ll ll, M m, N n, Nj nj, O o, P p, Q q, R r, Rr rr, S s, Sh sh, T t, Th th, U u, V v, [W w], X x, Xh xh, Y y, Z z, Zh zh.