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Back translation means that the text translated from the source language content to the target language content for use in research or any study is then translated again back into the source language by another translator. Thanks to the back translation, it can be understood how much the translation diverges from the source language content. In this way, the success of the translation is measured. 

Each language has its own aphorisms and apothegms, and cultural codes that are expressed accordingly. The translator may encounter various problems while translating the aphorisms and apothegms specific to the source language. For example, the target language may not include a word that meets that word or concept, or a word that meets the meaning literally may not match the style of the text. This is where back translation comes into play. 

It allows for the sincerity and fluency in the language of the source text to be reflected in the target language. In other words, back translation acts as a control mechanism. It is mostly used to understand how successful the translation is. This translation quality control method, which has been used in many countries for many years, should be examined in a little more detail. 

Characteristics of the Back Translation Method

Back translation can be requested by institutions and organizations that are willing to verify the content. For some institutions, it is a legal requirement to obtain such translation services. Thanks to back translation, all translations are delivered with high quality and in the most accurate way possible. The back translation method is also used automatically for texts containing valuable and sensitive information that must be completely accurate. At the same time, the back translation provides additional opportunities to correct and evaluate translation errors. This method is generally used in the translation of texts containing valuable information. The potential waste of money and time that may arise due to an inaccurate translation is eliminated by using the back translation method. 

When implementing the back translation process, it is necessary to use a different translation team. Moreover, in order to obtain a reliable result, the former “translation memory” (TM) and list of terms used throughout the translation process should absolutely not be used. 

Benefits of the Back Translation Method 

  • Possible semantic shifts between the source and target languages are eliminated. To make this point clearer, the translation becomes as perfect as possible thanks to this method. 
  • It helps in the evaluation of the compatibility of meaning between the source and target languages.
  • It prevents the loss of money, time or energy that may occur due to an inaccurate translation. 
  • Back translation is used in multilingual legal contracts, critical medical texts, marketing and advertising texts and in almost every domain where low-quality translations can pose big problems. Thus, any legal disputes and mistakes that may occur are eliminated. 

Mirora, which has determined its priority as offering quality services with its experienced and dynamic staff since its foundation in August 1997, also provides back translation services. If you would like to receive information about this service, you may conveniently contact us via phone or e-mail. 

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