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5 Signs That You Need Video Game Localization

Your video game is a work of art—or at least that is how you think of it. You poured your heart and soul into making it. However, there is one problem: not everyone in the world can play it. Wouldn’t it be nice if almost every video game were released in other languages too? You […]

Why Subtitles Matter In Visual Experience

Subtitles are one of the most important elements of a visual experience. They can make or break an audience’s ability to understand and enjoy a film, game, or TV show. We’ll explore subtitling and why it is important in today’s article. What is subtitling? Subtitling is providing additional text synchronized with a speech in audio […]

Common Misconceptions about the Translation Industry

This high-speed world we live in is changing and transforming daily; of course, the translation world takes its share of these changes. We are going through interesting times in the translation industry. In the past, knowing a foreign language was a sign of dignity, but now it is not so valued. More precisely, people think […]

Transcription, Not Your First Time Hearing It

When you enter the world of translation, you will see it has many branches. Before starting the translation process, many actions are carried out on a project basis and in line with the customer’s request. Transcription, also known as deciphering, is frequently used these days. This may be the first time you are hearing the […]

Breaking Down the Art of Translation

As technology has evolved, translation services have found a way to become more accurate, reliable, and accessible. But how do they work? What’s the breakdown of how these services function? In today’s blog post, we’ll explain some of the basics of translation services in simple terms so that you can understand their purpose and how […]

Is It Localization or Internationalization?

If your business is ready to go global, you may be wondering what the difference is between localization and internationalization. Both of the processes help prepare businesses for success abroad by localizing and translating content into other languages, but that’s where it stops. To figure out which talent you need to bring in, read on. […]

3 Reasons Machine Translation Keeps Failing You

Have you ever been browsing a website and thought to yourself “this makes no sense” or “why would I ever…”? The reason for this could be the use of a machine translation service. Machine translation services can be useful in certain situations, but it is always better to have your content professionally translated. Below are […]

Turkish Translation: Can It Help Your Business?

Turkish is a language that may not seem as well-known or as popular as others. Some people may only know a few phrases of Turkish and others might have never even heard of it. But one thing many people might not know is that Turkish is the fourth most widely used language on web content […]

7 Awesome Things About Translators No One Ever Told You

Translators are awesome, and we love them. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of fun facts about translators that you may not have heard before. 1. They know a little about everything and a lot about some things Translators are often thought of as being world-class experts in their one field, but the reality is […]