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World Translation Day – A World Without Barriers

Did you know there are more than 7,000 languages spoken all over the world? It’s important to remember that many languages also have different dialects. Here, the translation profession contributes to the communication of people who speak different languages and to the accessibility of information. Every year on September 30th, we celebrate the great effort […]

Does Your Company Need Website Translation Services?

The invention of the Internet has changed the course of marketing. Nowadays, everything is just a click away, and the world is your oyster! However, as business owners, you still have to reach as many customers as possible. The way to do that is to make your website available in several languages. Any company that […]

What Is Not a Translation?

When you use a search engine to find out “What translation is,” you come across hundreds, maybe thousands of results. Some of the results mention translation, translation techniques, and translation history, while others describe the translation services they provide. There are various answers to the question of what translation is. So, what is not a translation? Let’s […]

Game Translation: Essential for an Authentic Experience

In 1972, Magnavox Odyssey, the first video game, was launched. It was run by connecting to your television and had just a few simple game options. Even so, it was a massive success at the time. When looking at today’s video games, precisely 40 years after the release of the first one, we see enormous […]

Interpretation and Translation

Have you ever realized that translation departments are named Translation and Interpretation? If you have, you may have wondered what interpretation means. Translation services are split into two at the fundamental level: written and oral. The act of orally translating is called interpreting because, as opposed to written translation, interpreting is based on transferring the message rather […]

Introducing the Netherlander’s Language

Netherlandic vs. Dutch Different dialects and accents of Netherlandic are spoken in different regions, and this language is more commonly known as Dutch. Contrary to popular belief, Dutch is one of the dialects of Netherlandic other than Flemish. Netherlandic belongs to the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family. Dutch is the dialect spoken in […]

Ukrainian Translation

We often hear about English translation, German translation, and Russian translation, but Ukrainian translation sounds quite unusual to our ears when we hear it despite our familiarity with Ukraine. As Mirora, we wanted to provide a Ukrainian translation guide for everyone.   UKRAINIAN? ISN’T UKRAINIAN TRANSLATION BASICALLY RUSSIAN? Even though its similarities with Russian confuse […]

Is the translation profession facing extinction?

Translation is evolving as a profession. Machine translation tools play a significant role in the translation process. As translators, we must accept that MT tools are our allies and not our enemies. If you are a translator or a student in translation studies, you have probably been frustrated with people saying machine translation tools will […]