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Czech is the language that forms the Western branch of the Slavic languages, which belong to the Indo-European language family, along with Slovak, Polish and Sorb language. Czech is spoken by approximately 12 million people mostly living in the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic and Slovakia have been in contact constantly before dissolution, so both sides will not have a problem about understanding each other. Slovak and Czech have similarities but new generations may have difficulty in understanding fast-changing words. Czech is spoken fast and the language structure is complicated. Thus, it is one of the challenging languages. Czech has a free structure like most of the Slavic languages and a different conjugation, and therefore, these cause the language to be more complicated. The most famous word in Czech is “Robot” as it is used in all languages worldwide.

Nouns are masculine, feminine or neuter in Czech, and masculine nouns are divided into animate and inanimate. Plural nouns are also different according to their types, and the endings of prepositive adjectives change accordingly. One of the most difficult points in Czech is that there are seven types (pád) of a noun. Also, people may have difficulty in pronouncing Czech words. You may often hear “č” and “š” letters in Czech language. They are read as “ç” and “ş” letters in Turkish, so the ones speaking Turkish will not have a difficulty in pronouncing these letters.

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Mirora has collaborated with translation companies in the Czech Republic for many years. Therefore, with professional translation teams and competitive pricing, Mirora is able to provide fast, reliable and high-quality translation services from any language in the world into Czech (and vice versa), particularly using English as the pivot language.