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English Translation Services

English Translation Services

Did you know that businesses that invest in translation services are 1.5 times more likely to see an increase in their revenue? Translating and localizing content is crucial in the age of digital marketing. As the world becomes more interconnected, countries’ economies become more dependent on globalization. Reaching a global target audience is now possible and necessary for businesses to be a part of international competition. English translation is one of the most requested services as English is the primary world language and is a lingua franca, a bridge language spoken by non-native speakers.

A behavioral study was conducted in 2014, which revealed that 75% of consumers prefer to purchase from websites in their native language and that around 40% of internet users avoid buying products or services from websites that are not in their native language. According to World Trade Statistics, the United States is the second leading country in global trade. In 2019, it imported 2,567 billion dollars worth of goods, and its export figures reached 1,643 billion dollars. These figures highlight the significance of English translation demand in the world.

Index Translationum

In addition to prominent figures, let’s not forget the richness of English literature. UNESCO created an online database called Index Translationum, which lists all the books translated worldwide. According to its data, Agatha Cristie and William Shakespeare rank among the most translated writers. English literary translation service seems very popular as English literature bears great significance worldwide.

Simple yet Fatal Translation Mistake

A tragic world event proved the importance of accuracy in translation services. In World War II, a month before dropping the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, leaders from the US, the UK, Russia, and China gave Japan an ultimatum. They said that if Japan responded negatively, the consequences would be utter destruction. The Japanese leader responded with one word: “mokusatsu”. This word comprises two distinct characters, which symbolize silence and kill. Foreign media interpreted his response as “the ultimatum did not deserve an answer”. However, this word was used as “no comment” many times. The NSA reports this information in a document named Mokusatsu: One Word, Two Lessons.

English Translation Services

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