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French is one of the Romance languages, the subunit of Indo-European languages family, and adopted by France, French civilization countries, and the countries which were formerly a French colony. French is the continuation of Latin, which was the Roman Empire’s language, along with Spanish, Portugese, Italian, Catalan and Romanian.

According to data from the European Union, 129 million people (26% of 497.198.740) from 27 member countries in total speak French, and of this, 65 million (12%) speak this language as mother-tongue, whereas 69 million (14%) speak it as a second language. According to this data, French is the third most often spoken language in the Union following English and German.

In Europe, except France and Monaco, French is the official language of 29 countries, including certain regions of Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg, and also across Africa and America. Francophone, which is called “La Francophonie”, is a French-speaking commonwealth. Also, in all sub-institutions of the United Nations and in most of the international organizations, French is spoken as the official language.

Other Francophones That Speak French

In recent years, Algeria made a variety of arrangements in order to popularize the use of Arabic instead of French, particularly in education. Although the most often used foreign language is English in Egypt, French is more commonly spoken in upper and middle classes. Therefore, Egyptians learn French as well as English during their education. Egypt ranks among the community of French-speaking countries (Francophone).

In two overseas regions of France, Mayotte and Réunion, which are located in the Indian Ocean, acknowledged French as their official language. In Asia, in the Puducherry city of India, which used to be a former French colony, and in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, trade and minority language is acknowledged as French. Moreover, in Syria and Lebanon, the former French colonies in Asia, French is more commonly spoken in upper and middle classes though most often used foreign language is English in general public. Lebanon also ranks among the community of French-speaking countries (Francophone).

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