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Hindi, a language that belongs to Indo-European language family, is an Indian language that forms one of the two standard written forms of Hindustani language, along with Urdu, which is the official language of Pakistan. Spoken in the north, center and west of India, this language is the mother-tongue of many people living in India, along with English and 22 other native languages. The script used in India is Devanāgarī while in Pakistan, it’s Arabic alphabet.

Although other languages are used in numerous states in India and in South Asia, English and Hindi are often acknowledged as the lingua franca. India is now working on popularizing the use of Hindi and forming the unity of one language. Outside of India, Hindi gained recognition by the Indian cinema (Bollywood), and many people loved it for the soundtracks.

Modern Standard Hindi is based on the dialect spoken in Delhi. In the last years of Babur sovereignty, the Urdu language has become the language of honor. Modern Hindi’s literary usage was formed by the end of 18th century. By the end of 19th century, a movement took place so as to improve Hindi independently from Urdu. By displacing Urdu in 1881, Hindi was acknowledged as the only official language. Thus, India became the first state adopting Hindi. Hindi, which has Devanagari script, became the official language of India in 1949.

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Devanagari Alphabet Devanagari Alphabet is the most commonly used alphabet in India. This alphabet is used in the writing of twenty eight distinct languages spoken by over 500 million people, including Hindi, Sanskrit, Marathi, Nepali, and Kashmiri.