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Korean Translation

Korean Translation

Did you know the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) has prepared a list of languages according to how difficult they are to learn and the approximate time an English speaker would have to spend to learn each language? Without a doubt, language experts may disagree with the rankings; however, this list gives a general understanding of how much time and effort a person has to put in. According to the FSI, Korean ranks as one of the most challenging languages, along with Chinese, Arabic, and Japanese. Yet, Korean translation has become a highly requested service, with Korean culture becoming a pioneer in entertainment. Besides its unique culture, Korean has become an essential language in the international arena due to Korean high-tech companies such as Samsung, Hyundai, and LG.

           Why Should a Translator Learn Korean?

  • Korean authorities wish to increase the number of Korean speakers, so the Korean government has established sixteen Korean language institutes in thirteen countries. Contrary to the past, translation candidates are more eager to learn Asian languages than European ones in this day and age. There are fewer professionals in the Korean translation market, making it easier to find jobs and less competitive.
  • In addition to Korea’s competitive success in the high tech industry, with the emergence of online platforms such as Netflix, the world is learning more about fascinating Korean culture. You could say that K-Wave has been acing it! One of the Korean translation services in high demand is Korean subtitle translation as K-Drama has captivated the world.
  • Korea has become a major player in the international arena due to its success in many industries. Korean translation is in high demand for cosmetics and beauty products. K-Beauty has been fascinating to people worldwide. The Korean Cosmetic Industry ranks 8th in the market share of the global cosmetics sector, and K-Beauty products have loyal customers on every continent.


Although Korean translation is in greater demand each day, keep in mind that knowing the basics of a language doesn’t qualify you to be a translator. Korean culture is deeply woven into the fabric of the language, which means one should master the culture and the language before considering providing Korean translation services.

Korean Translation

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