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Developments in machinery and informatics are changing and transforming the translation sector, as the case has been in every other industry. Although we go back to the 17th century when we trace the first ideas about machine translation, humankind has made remarkable progress in this field in the last 80-90 years.

Today, many private IT companies from different countries are working on machine translation, and thanks to this joint effort, machine translation produces better translations more and more rapidly. Therefore, machine translation is frequently used for both individual and corporate applications today. It is the lifesaver of translation companies, especially for large projects that need to be completed quickly.

However, although machine translation has succeeded in technical text translations, it is still far from completing its development, meaning that the output from the machine cannot be transmitted directly to the customer.

At this stage, Correction Process After Machine Translation, that is, post-editing comes into play. As the name suggests, post-editing is the process of reviewing the “raw translation” output from machine translation by a human and making the necessary corrections. The translator’s mother tongue should be the target language to perform the post-editing process, as the success rate of machine translation, especially between languages in the Indo-European language family, is almost one hundred percent. In a technical text rendered by a machine translation tool between these language pairs, the translator will most likely only find and correct errors hidden in the fine details. Seeing these details is only possible with native language skills.

After all, the ultimate goal of post-editing is to transform raw machine translation reviewed by a human into a successful text that is no different from a translation conducted by a good translator.

Mirora has 23 years of history; however, throughout these 23 years, Mirora has always been open to and kept up with innovations, which enabled the company to survive and be the preferred one in this challenging industry. Also, this open-mindedness allows us to follow the developments in machine translation closely. Therefore, rest assured that we will offer you the Mirora quality you are accustomed to for post-editing.

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