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Romanian belongs to the eastern branch of the Romance language family, and is the official language of Romania. This language is spoken today by approximately 28 million people, most of them living in Romania and Moldova. Moldovan, the official language of Moldova, is also identical with Romanian. However, according to the laws of the country, Moldovan is considered the official language.

Latin influence on Romanian is more common; there are many similarities between these languages in terms of grammar and vocabulary. The reason is that Romania has been exposed to less environmental impacts so far compared to other countries.

The invasion of Dacian lands in AD 101 by the Roman Emperor brought Latin influence to the region. Especially the invasion of Dacia by the Ottoman Empire, among other invasions in history, resulted in some common words in Romanian and Turkish.

Although the country was governed under the influence of the USSR for a long time, the Cyrillic alphabet was not used. The Romanian alphabet is fairly similar to the Latin alphabet, with only a couple of different letters.

Outside Romania, Moldova and Vojvodina are the countries where Romanian is recognized as the official language. Romanian is also recognized as a minority language by Hungary, Serbia and Ukraine.

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