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5 Best Translation Management Systems

5 Best Translation Management Systems

With the rapid technological advancement in the last two decades, the opportunity for projecting and expanding local businesses in the global markets has increased exponentially. Today, even websites like Amazon are catering to more than 200 countries and are actively using translation management systems or software to automatically switch their language from English to the local language by tracking the location of the user.

What Is Translation Management Software?

Translation management systems or software are specialized software programs designed to automatically translate the content written in one language into another. Many private as well as government websites around the world are using translation management software to expand the reach of their operations and help people understand the content written in their local language. However, these websites used optimized auto-translation features to ensure that an international audience can read and understand the website’s purpose. Even companies like Microsoft are using translation management systems to achieve an international presence and make their website multilingual.

For the success of your growing business, it is important that you are aware of the following 5 best translation management systems to streamline your work, improve efficiency, minimize costs, and earn greater profits by tapping into the international market. However, you also need to be careful about the risks of directly using the outputs of automatic translation software in languages other than those spoken in Western Europe, such as Turkish. It is very important that you work with experienced translation companies that have proven their proficiency, rather than using automatic translation software, especially for texts where your prestige is important and your corporate reliability and brand value are represented.

5 Best Translation Management Software

1.   O Localize

O Localize or Localize is an efficient translation management software used by industry leaders like Tinder, Microsoft, Cisco, and Statuspage to reduce the number of hours being spent on translation. It automates the entire process, and instead of creating content and webpages in multiple languages, O Localize can be used to allow users to select their language preference and translate the content into the language of their choice. Users do not need any additional plugins to translate the page.

Localize has been optimized for SEO to ensure that your business page is translated and ranked in the top search results on Google.

2.   Transifex

Transifex allows companies to translate their digital content that has been optimized for websites and mobile apps. The software is even used to translate the subtitles that appear on video streaming websites like Netflix and YouTube to help the companies reach a global audience.

Transifex is compatible with Yaml, Gettext, and XLIFF formats and is more suited for software developers because of its command-in-line tools and an innovative translation storage engine that helps you manage the content.

3.   memoQ

With a goal to streamline your localization and translation processes, the memoQ translation management system allows you to automate and manage the processes on a global scale. For enterprises, it offers multiple tailor-made features that include connectivity, project tracking, flexible workflow management, customizability, advanced reports, and so much more.

For translators, memoQ has a translator pro that has especially been designed by translators to support and aid your daily translation requirements.

Lastly, for language service providers, memoQ offers a concerted translation environment with advanced features that help speed up translation processes.

4.   Memsource

This translation management system offers a unique approach to help reduce your translation costs with the help of an ideal combination of patented Al technology and traditional translation technology.

CSA Research ranked Memsource as the most viable Translation Management System in 2019, and on top of that, Memsource supports 30+ machine translation engines, 50+ file types, and 500+ languages.

Some key features offered by Memsource include:

  • Technology management
  • Translation memory
  • Mobile app for linguists and project managers
  • Machine translation
  • Rest API and connectors
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Translation management

5.   Smartcat

This translation management system uses a unique business model that helps enable Connected Translation, thereby bringing all the buyers and suppliers in the translation industry together in an integrated network where they all can grow, interact and collaborate with each other.

Smartcat works towards streamlining your localization process with the help of high-quality linguistic resources that are highly optimized. With Smartcat, you can expect your global content to run 3x faster as compared to traditional processes.

5 Best Translation Management Systems

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