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How Does a Professional Translation Service Guarantee Business Growth?

How Does a Professional Translation Service Guarantee Business Growth?

Imagine that you are a fruit vendor in your small town of Iskilip in Northern Turkey and a group of foreigners approach you. They are interested in buying your fruits, but because of the language barrier, you are unable to explain to them that the fruits that you are selling taste twice as good as the ones they will eat in Ankara. You are unable to communicate that they should try this fresh produce from the valleys of Iskilip, or else they will regret not tasting these heavenly delights for the rest of their lives.

But because you were unable to speak their language and convince them that what you have to sell is exactly what they need on their long journey, they leave your stall without making a purchase, and you end up losing your most important customers of the day.

This scenario is no different that what local businesses are experiencing in the online digital space. Every day, thousands of local companies lose potential customers from abroad because of the language barrier and the inability to read and comprehend the content on the websites and social media pages.

However, all of this can be remedied if businesses invested in hiring professional translation services to translate and upgrade their content and ensure that it meets the international business standards.

How Does a Professional Translation Service Guarantee Business Growth?


Helps the Company Expand its Consumer Base

When you are communicating with your online target audience in your local language, you are limiting your audience reach to a few thousand or a few million people. These are the people who speak and understand your local language and hence will be able to decipher the content of your website and social media pages. But for those who are not familiar with your local language, the content will seem alien, and they will just as quickly close the webpage as they clicked on it.

Even though Google search results use location filters to sort and arrange the search results based on our geographic location, it can sometimes show relevant content from other regions of the world based on relevance and the keyword match. So currently, even though the probability is low, your localized website can still appear in the search results of a Canadian user looking for the products or services that you have to offer here in Turkey.

But if you decide to hire a professional translation service to translate the content of your webpages and social media pages, you could easily penetrate the Canadian market or any other international market and expand your consumer base by millions of potential consumers the world over.

How Does a Professional Translation Service Guarantee Business Growth?


Helps Turn Your Company into an International Brand

The one thing that you must remember is that when it comes to the online medium, increased visibility is what will guarantee your business’s growth. The more they hear about you and see you, the higher will be the chances of them considering you for their next purchase. But in order to increase your online presence, you must establish yourself as an international brand. You must communicate in an international language and convince the audience that you are well aware of the needs of the global market.

Hiring a professional translation service will help you turn your company into an international brand. The team of professional translators who will be working on your content know exactly what the expectations of an international audience are and how to make your content engaging and convincing for them. Once your business has penetrated the international market and you have established yourself as an international brand, meeting the needs of an international audience, nobody can stop your business from growth and success.

How Does a Professional Translation Service Guarantee Business Growth?