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One Life!

One Life!

Hi folks!

I know that you all feel relatively unhappy recently due to this terrible pandemic that showed that nothing will be the same ever again. Well, I just want to remind you that there are some (good!) aspects to it that gave us a new perspective and helped us rethink how we do (or completely avoid doing!) business:

1)    Now we know, that we are in a much better position than the majority of other industries in terms of working in the warm cosiness of our homes. This certainly means:

  • Much less spending on business attire;
  • No or little travel expenses, and no need to worry about where to park your car today;
  • Possibly, a smaller office with a lower rent for those who insist that they must leave home to be productive;
  • And definitely much lower office expenses;
  • A lot of opportunities to find time to be “alone with yourself”, which is essential and usually difficult to do;
  • More reasons and opportunities to pour yourselves a delicious glass of wine while working (they’re probably doing the same, but get smart and don’t let your ‘zoom’ bodies see what you’re doing!)

2)    It showed us things that we can (or do) have but terribly fail to appreciate:

  • A nice walk or jog in the park nearby enjoying the “freshly squeezed” oxygen;
  • An excuse to excuse yourself from a business lunch with the customer you hate the most (We sure all have at least one, don’t we?!);
  • No interruptions or intrusions while working on something dearly important to you;
  • Online shopping opportunities with no cashier queues (No toilet paper please, we’re out of stock!);
  • Afternoon naps with no guilty feeling whatsoever;
  • No contact with the guy in your office who whines and whimpers about everything (You have no idea how lucky you are if you don’t have one!);
  • Ladies, this comes for you!) Freedom and freewill not to change the color of your hair every other day;
  • The last but, of course, not the least, a healthy body that just needs nothing but nourishment and sleep.

3)    It taught us once again that “nothing” is permanent. All shall pass, and we will certainly have a laugh or two eventually. How do I know this? Well, I own a translation company in a country where we had in the last fifteen years:

  • Two devastating financial crises,
  • Two destructive economic crises,
  • Two wars (I’m not kidding!)
  • A military coup (I’m not kidding about this either!)
  • Two disruptive earthquakes that took more than 30 thousand lives,
  • Major conflicts with the US, Russia, Germany, France, and all the other EU countries,
  • And finally a pandemic.

Yet, we are still alive and kicking!

Shortly, nothing should put you in a mood that will prevent you from enjoying the one life you have.

Go out there and enjoy it, folks!

Cihat Salman

One Life!

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