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Medical Translation Service

Medical Translation Service

Undoubtedly, all translation projects are important and should be taken seriously; however, one may have deadly consequences: medical translation. Accuracy in medical translation is vital because mistranslation may lead to fatal consequences. When receiving healthcare, a language barrier should not be an issue. Everyone has the right to access healthcare services in a language they feel comfortable with. Receiving medical translation services may allow patients to explain their health issues more comfortably. In addition, they should understand their diseases and the treatment process perfectly. This requires communication in their native tongue.

Types of Medical Translation

It is the translation of any medical text or communication, yet there are different types. The list varies from datasheets to professional medical reports. The target audience is a significant factor in medical translation services. For instance, if the audience comprises medical experts, appropriate medical terminology should be used. However, if the target audience is the general public, simpler language should be preferred.


  1. Medical Text Translation: This is the translation of any medical document. For instance, medical reports may be requested when applying for a job abroad. The company will probably request these reports in the language they speak. Thus, the applicant will be obliged to receive medical translation services.


  1. Healthcare Translation: The translator acts as a bridge between the patient and the medical experts. This may be a more stressful task for the translator as it requires close communication with the patient. Sometimes, the patient may have a serious condition, and the translator may have to convey the harsh truth. For instance, sometimes patients learn that they only have a few months to live, which may lead to indirect trauma for the translator. For this reason, translators working in this field should be trained about how to deliver unexpected news and how to handle such a situation.


  1. Pharmaceutical Translation: includes the translation of instructions, prescriptions, labels, and directions. Accuracy is a significant factor in the translation process because it may lead to serious consequences as the patient trusts the instructions written on the prescription. A mistake in medical translation may even result in a lawsuit.
Medical Translation Service

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