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Tai people’s mother tongue, Thai, is the national and official language of Thailand. Thai belongs to the Thai group of the Tai-Kadai language family, which is believed to have its origin in China. Some of the linguists brought forward that Thai is related to Austro-Asiatic, Austronesian, and Sino-Tibetan language families.

Thai is a tonal and analytic language. For those who do not speak Thai-related languages, it is a difficult language to learn with its complex structure and pronounced phonology.

Thai alphabet or Thai uses a syllabic writing system consisting of 44 consonants. It also has 18 vowels and 6 diphthongs. Eight of the letters are only used to write words from Pali and Sanskrit origin.

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You can rely on Mirora for your Thai translation needs. Thanks to our business partners specialized in languages of East Asia, Mirora offers high-quality, fast and reliable translation services in Thai from and to all languages of the world with competitive prices, by using English as a pivot language.

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