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What is a Certified Translator?

What is a Certified Translator?


Most of us have heard the words “certified translator” a time or two, but few of us can come up with the job description.

Well, what is a certified translator?

A certified translator is a professional title given to those who have proven their proficiency to a notary after graduating with at least a bachelor’s degree from the department of translations and interpreting of a university.


Could I become a certified translator if I didn’t graduate from the department of translations and interpreting?

Yes, you can!

The first step to becoming a certified translator is to graduate from a university’s department of foreign languages or foreign language teaching.

Those who have graduated from one of the departments stated below can apply to the notary with their diploma to become a certified translator.


Translation and Interpreting (Faculty of Arts and Science)

Language and Literature (Faculty of Arts and Science)

Teaching (Faculty of Educational Science)


Documents required before receiving notary approval:

  1. University diploma and transcript
  2. Language proficiency certificate of IELTS, TOEFL and similar exams

The stated certificates are not compulsory. An individual can obtain them if they pass any of the relevant exams.

– Certificates and diplomas can be approved by the Ministry of National Education or a private institution.

– A diploma issued by a language training program abroad can also be included.



If the document you received from abroad is not in Turkish, none of the official government offices of the Republic of Turkey will approve or seal it.

All documents must be translated into Turkish by the translator or by the translation office associated with the notary and then submitted for notary approval.

I had my documents translated before; do they need to be translated again?

Absolutely. The notary only confirms the documents of the translator or translation office with whom it has an agreement.


How does notarization work?

You should be aware of the following before submitting your documents to the notary:

  1. What are the responsibilities of a certified translator in a notary?
  2. What is required for acceptance of the documents?
  3. How do I prepare a document for translation?
  4. What does the notary require for the approval of the translated documents?


How does one make a sworn translation statement?

After completing all your papers and personal information, the notary prepares a special sworn statement for you.

The sworn statement is read aloud in the presence of a notary public and the translator swears, affirming its accuracy.

Then, the translator signs the document, and the notary approves.



The notary may not approve the document without an “apostille”!

What is an apostille?

In the modern age, communication and interaction between countries is increasing day by day. So, it is very important to have international validity for any official document.

An apostille is an official approval process.

A document with an apostille is an official document for all countries. An apostille seal is needed in the translation of an official document.

The governorship controls the originality of the signature on the document.

The parties decide the validity period of the documents with an apostille.

What is a Certified Translator?

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