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Attention University Candidates Registering for an English-Turkish Translation Department!

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It’s college preference time! First, congratulations to all of you. This period can be very stressful for young people. Not to mention the fact that everyone wants to give you their advice! In such a crucial period, we wanted to introduce you to these English and Turkish translation departments and help you along the way. But don’t worry, no matter what you decide, it’s not the end of the world. And please remember, not everyone works in a job related to their field of study.

We have prepared some recommendations for university candidates who want to register with an English-Turkish translation department:

  • Contrary to popular belief, knowing a language doesn’t qualify you to be a translator. No matter which language pair you study translation in, mastering your native language is much more critical than your foreign language level. Although your English is good, being competent in Turkish and using the language properly is the primary requirement.
  • When you mention that you want to register in an English-Turkish translation department, you may often hear the following: Google Translate works very well; how will you earn money? And now that everyone speaks English, can you get a job? Don’t worry, although the number of English speakers is increasing daily, knowing the language does not qualify someone to translate, as we mentioned before. The demand for English-Turkish translation services is high.
  • As for whether machine translation tools will steal your business, these tools are a translator’s ally and make the translation process much easier. (You can find out more by reading our other blog posts on this topic.)
  • Although machine translation tools facilitate the translation process, each technical field has a specific style and unique terminology. So, some days, you’ll spend hours on the computer researching a single term. Are you up for such a challenge?
  • Check the curriculum beforehand, no matter which university’s English-Turkish translation department you choose. Some universities prioritize theoretical knowledge, while others are practice-based. Although theoretical knowledge is essential, practice is vital. Also, find out how many different technical areas the department provides training in, as this will prove to be invaluable after graduation.
  • Technology is changing every area of our lives, including the profession of translation. Translation students now do much more than translate. There are many new areas such as localization, post-machine translation editing, and game translation. Think about which you want to specialize in by researching these areas and make your decision accordingly.

We hope this article contributed a little to your decision-making process. Reading our other blog posts, you can gain more insight into the translation profession.

Attention University Candidates Registering for an English-Turkish Translation Department!