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Why Do We Need English Translation All Over The World?

Why Do We Need English Translation All Over The World?

Have you ever thought about why English translation has been so popular for so long?

English is the language of global business.

Translation helps us to convey our thoughts across the globe.

Let’s delve deep into the sea of English translation!

The Importance of English Translation for Everyone

English is the most widely spoken language in the world. Nearly 330 million people speak English.

Why is the English language so popular?

English is popular for a number of reasons.

Three important reasons for English language’s popularity include:

  • The rise of the British Empire and the United States

The British Empire was the largest empire, and therefore, the most far-reaching global power in history.

After the development of the Industrial Revolution on British land, the English Language began to spread through economy and trade along business routes such as Africa and Asia.

In the late 19th century, while European countries were trying to recover from The Great War and World War II, the USA entered its golden age.

Business in the USA took off, and American companies preferred to use English as the language of trade, contributing to English’s rise.

  • Technology and Science

In the modern age, most scientific research is published in English, though Latin was the language of science in the past.

In the 1900s, German was the language of science instead of Latin. However, German and Austrian scientists were boycotted by British, French and Belgian scientists after WWI. This made it impossible for German and Austrian scientists to publish their research in Western European Journals. They were also banned from conferences.

At this point, the English language had gained its status as the language of science.

Moreover, since many websites, software systems, and programs are written in English, it has become the dominant language in industry and technology.

  • There are no Gender Boundaries in English

English is a gender-free language. There is no masculine or feminine grammatical gender, which makes learning the language easier for many people.


3 Easy Ways of Turkish English Translation

The most preferred languages for translation are Turkish and English.

Here are some helpful tips for doing the best Turkish English translation!

  1. Do a Close Reading

Close reading is critical.

When you do a close reading before translating, you will focus on some important points which include:

  • What the source document is saying
  • The source document’s main theme/purpose/argument
  • The structure of the text
  • The message and underlying meaning of the text

After doing a close reading, you will really understand what you have read. So, making that connection between the languages and understanding the message and main theme will be much easier while translating.


  1. Know the Relevant Terminology

Translation in specific fields such as law, medicine and science requires knowledge of specific terminology.

Turkish-English translation is a challenging job.

You should analyze the text before translating to give the correct meaning of terms and concepts.


  1. Realize the Relationship Between Culture and Language

Some words and idioms cannot be translated word for word. For instance, in English the words “make” and “do” have different meanings, and they cannot be used interchangeably; however, in Turkish, they have the same meaning.

Similarly, while the words “pastry,” “batter,” and “cake mix” mean different things in English, they can be translated as one term “massa” in Portuguese.

Why Do We Need English Translation All Over The World?

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