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Why Should You Get English Turkish Translation Service?

Globalization is gaining momentum day by day, and as a result, the world is becoming a smaller place where more people can communicate with each other. Thanks to the internet, all things on our planet have transcended physical boundaries and exist in a virtual world. The standard language of communication that stands out in this process is English, and knowing it is essential.

People who do not speak the same language can communicate with each other in daily life by learning English or using various dictionaries or translation tools over the internet. However, even with this modern convenience, professional translation services ensure robust communication beyond everyday life. Therefore, in many areas in Turkey, English-Turkish translation service has become extremely popular.

Things to Focus On When Translating English to Turkish

  • English, which comes from the Indo-European language family, and Turkish, which belongs to the Ural Altaic language family, have very different structures in terms of syntax, language morphology, and grammar structures. In addition to these grammar differences, one should not forget that the two countries’ cultures are entirely different. Therefore, translating from Turkish to English requires mastery. Even between British English and American English, there are many variations in grammar and culture. For example, “chips” is used to describe French fries in British English, but if you go to a restaurant in America and order “chips”, you will get potato chips; if you want French fries, you have to order “French fries”. Therefore, you need to determine which English you are dealing with before starting an English-Turkish translation.


French Fries                                                                                                                                    Chips


  • This suggestion may seem strange to you, but when you translate from Turkish to English, you must first determine your target audience. Because, as in Turkish, a word in English can have more than one meaning, or the meaning of the word may not be understood in English-Turkish dictionaries. Therefore, determining your target audience will allow you to achieve a much more successful result.
  • Although some say that practice matters, not theory, it is vital to adopt the right approach when translating. For this reason, you should specify whether you want the source text or the target text to stand out when receiving English-Turkish translation services.
Why Should You Get English Turkish Translation Service?