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How Can You Be Sure You’re Getting the Best Translation Service?

When searching for translation services, you have many options, and it is essential to look for quality rather than quantity. When it comes to the best translation, be aware that many details are involved in this process. The company you agree to work with has to pay attention to these…
by | December 6, 2021

A Brief Conversation On German Translation

Based on the motto “Consult one even if you know well,” we wanted to ask a translator friend who graduated from the German translation department before writing about it. Ezgi Yıldız graduated from Dokuz Eylül University, Department of Turkish-English-German Translation. Much has been said and written on translation for years; however, it…
by | November 29, 2021

Why Should You Get English Turkish Translation Service?

Globalization is gaining momentum day by day, and as a result, the world is becoming a smaller place where more people can communicate with each other. Thanks to the internet, all things on our planet have transcended physical boundaries and exist in a virtual world. The standard language of communication…
by | November 22, 2021

The Importance of Game Translation

The gaming industry, one of the few sectors not adversely affected by Covid-19, continues to develop rapidly worldwide. Thanks to this growth and its extensive market, the demand for game translation services is also increasing. Game translation services include a process called “localization”. Whether a single word or an entire…
by | November 16, 2021

Turkish – Persian Translation

Languages are a vital tool for conveying past events to the present, and if history and language are thought of independently, one of them will be missing a crucial piece. We begin our article, Turkish – Persian Translation, with a bit of historical background which goes back to the 13th century.…
by | November 10, 2021

The Effect of the Alphabet in Russian Translation

Despite the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the rapid disintegration and “independence” of the countries affiliated with the Soviet Union, Russian is still spoken by more than 250 million people in 18 countries around the world. Russian is generally known as one of the most complicated languages…
by | November 1, 2021

Is There Such a Thing as the Best Translation?

Describing the act of translation as good or bad is like passing at a green light and stopping at a red light. Translation has an artistic structure that should be criticized and analyzed by concrete data. Simply describing a translated text as good or bad is more like choosing the best apple…
by | October 25, 2021

Simultaneous Translation

Imagine you are at a conference and a foreign speaker is on stage; moreover, they give a lot of information, including technical terms in their speech. You do not know the speaker’s language well enough to understand an entire medical presentation. However, when you go to such conferences, you are…
by | October 18, 2021

Azerbaijani Translation

It is well known that Turkey and Azerbaijan describe each other as “brother states”. The main reason for this is that the people of the two countries share the same roots. In other words, Turkey and Azerbaijan have a great common denominator in geography, history, language, and even literature. This…
by | October 11, 2021

From Translation Competence to Digital Literacy

Digital literacy has become an indispensable competence of our digital age with the digitalization period which started in the 1950s. Especially if you are a translator, researcher, academician, or a cyborg, there is no escaping it. The Covid-19 outbreak has caused a paradigm shift, which has accelerated digitalization in the…
by | October 4, 2021

What is the Situation of Laz Translation Today?

Before we start talking about Laz translation, it is important to note that Laz is not a dialect but a native language of the South Caucasian language family. Laz is spoken in Rize’s Pazar, Ardeşen, Çamlıhemşin and Fındıklı districts located in the eastern Black Sea region and also in Arhavi, Hopa,…
by | September 28, 2021

Website Translation

As a result of globalization, the world is becoming a smaller place every day. Now any information, any location, or even any product is just a click away. In other words, the internet and technology are changing daily life and restructuring the world of commerce. You had to pay vast…
by | September 22, 2021

History of Turkish Translation

Translation helps different cultures learn about each other, and it plays a major role in accelerating the exchange of literary works and scientific studies. Turkish translation is also essential for Turkish culture in this sense, and its history dates back to the Uyghur Turks. Uyghur texts containing information about Buddhism, Manichaeism, and…
by | September 16, 2021

What is Notarized Translation?

There are many fields in which translators practice their profession, and this diversity might be confusing for those unfamiliar with the translation world. One of the most misunderstood translation types is notarized translation, as it is often confused with sworn translation. To explain the difference between these two types of translation,…
by | August 31, 2021

Reconstructing Identity in a Localized World

We live in a world enriched by the varied cultures, languages, races, colors, and expressions of seven billion people. Along our journey in this vast universe, our paths are linked by localization practices. We will address this topic in our article and answer the question “what is localization?” using real examples.  …
by | August 24, 2021

English to Turkish Image Translation Technology

Nowadays, machine translation is improving rapidly. Image translation technology, which machine translation has focused on in recent years, offers users a practical translation method. The foundations of image translation technology were laid in 2003, and it has progressed exponentially since then. Picture translation uses ‘Optical Character Recognition’ technology to detect…
by | August 17, 2021

A Safe Harbor in Turkish Literature: Kurdish Translation

“Languages never die; in dangerous times, they take refuge in their closest one.” This article, which begins with the saying by Umberto Eco, is about more than Kurdish translation. It covers the role of language in a society’s battle for existence and the danger of extinction. The journey of Turkish…
by | August 9, 2021

Why is Thai Turkish Audio Translation Important?

Thai, the official language of Thailand, is the most common language among the 60 other languages ​​spoken in the country. Thai is a language that is frequently spoken and translated not only in Thailand, but also in Singapore and the United States where there are many Thai immigrants. Thai translation…
by | July 31, 2021

Translating Korean

Korean music and television series, which are quite popular today, increase the interest in the Korean language and, therefore, the demand for Korean translation. Although it is considered the simplest of the Asian languages, its alphabet, called Hangul, intimidates many people who want to learn Korean. Furthermore, most of those who…
by | July 16, 2021

German – Turkish Translation and Their Structural Worlds

In this article, we will explore the impact of knowing the linguistic structure of languages on the translation process, and in this case, we will mainly focus on German – Turkish translation. When you step into the inflected world of the German language, which is one of the Germanic languages and…
by | July 8, 2021


Approximately 7 thousand languages are spoken in the world. Did you know that one of these languages disappear about every 14 days, and thousands of languages are in danger of disappearing today?Here are some interesting facts about some of these languages. Enjoy reading them.* 12,44% of the world’s population speak…
by | July 2, 2021

3 Reasons to Use a Professional Translation Service

We are living at the peak of the digital age. The online business community is continuing to break new barriers, and as the popularity of e-commerce business is growing around the world, more and more people are realizing the true potential of Internet technology and how it can bring people…
by | July 1, 2021

The Relationship Between Covid-19 and Translation

The Covid-19 virus has affected the whole world, and the resulting long quarantine periods have affected many lines of business, including the translation industry. In this long ongoing period in which the entire world has been dealing with serious health problems, it has become crucial for everyone to reach accurate…
by | June 30, 2021

Machine vs. Human Translation

Technology improves every day and whether Artificial Intelligence (AI) will replace human labor is a long-debated issue. Translation is among the professions threatened by the development of artificial intelligence since AI is being used to translate from one language to another. This process is known as Machine Translation (MT); in other…
by | June 23, 2021

How Does a Professional Translation Service Guarantee Business Growth?

Imagine that you are a fruit vendor in your small town of Iskilip in Northern Turkey and a group of foreigners approach you. They are interested in buying your fruits, but because of the language barrier, you are unable to explain to them that the fruits that you are selling…
by | May 28, 2021

One Life!

Hi folks! I know that you all feel relatively unhappy recently due to this terrible pandemic that showed that nothing will be the same ever again. Well, I just want to remind you that there are some (good!) aspects to it that gave us a new perspective and helped us…
by | April 12, 2021

The Future of Translation

Heraclitus, one of the founders of dialectical philosophy, says: “The only constant in life is change.”  This philosopher, who lived in the Anatolian land in the third century BC, is probably the one who best describes the eternal movement on earth. Following Heraclitus’s footsteps, many social scientists today are trying…
by | August 20, 2020

Difficulties of Medical Translation

Let’s start understanding with some questions. How hard it is to translate in specific fields? How much does one need to work to have experience, to be a specialist translator in those fields? Can a translator specialize in every field? What about a translation company? Translation in all kinds of…
by | August 20, 2020


When we have a translation job from Turkish to another language, we always tell our customers why they have to pay more. In case you are wondering the same thing, there is a very simple explanation for that and you are about to find out. As you may know well,…
by | July 3, 2020

Word Of The Day: Translation

Etymology helps us much! (it is funny & exciting) Word of the day Translation: mid-14c., “removal of a saint’s body or relics to a new place,” also “rendering of a text from one language to another,” from Old French translacion “translation” of text, also of the bones of a saint, etc. (12c.)…
by | May 10, 2020

International Translation Day

At the beginning of September, we made a questionnaire among our translators and asked them to answer as they wished. We’re sharing with you some of the answers from our beloved translators with their permission. You may also join this enjoyable chat with your comments. 1. What do you like most…
by | March 22, 2019
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